small Yurt


The best description for our little yurt (5.25m Diameter) is the image of a bird's nest. It is situated at the border of our property, high on a hill which rises up behind the kitchen. At the same height of some treetops and hidden in between broom brushes, the little yurt is placed on a round wooden platform from where one can take in a magnificent view of the valley. Underneath you will find another deck that offers an ideal shaded spot during summer.

While the big yurt with its high ceiling has an ambience of a light flooded sacred space, the little yurt will give you more a feeling of being in a protective nest. The floor is well insulated by thick cork panels and covered entirely by a sea grass carpet. Beside a cozy sitting area you will find a comfortable low bed for two people which can, as needed, be transformed to sleep four people.

Being situated a little further from the big yurt, shower/toilet and kitchen, it gives one the opportunity to dwell in a place of greater seclusion. Those who are searching for silence and respect the strong presence of nature may be surprised here by a rustling deer or the striking call of the Great Horned Owl.