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In the calm of the mountains, in the middle of a pristine nature and within an environment of respect for the land and its inhabitants, we offer accommodation for holidays or retreats in our two yurts throughout all seasons.




About us

Upon his return from being the first western visitor to the Mongolian Empire, Marco Polo (1254-1324) wrote: "They (the mongols) have circular houses made of wood and covered with felt, which they carry around with them on four-wheeled wagons wherever they go. For the framework of rods is so neatly and skillfully constructed that it is light to carry. And every time they unfold their house and set it up, the door is always facing south."

What was it that led us, not being nomads in the steppes of Central Asia, but settled in the southern part of France, to the decision to construct two yurts? It was first of all the land of our property (5800sqm), with its beauty and restoring energies which seemed ideal to us as a place for people who may be longing to live in a more conscious way with the Earth, in close contact and in greater harmony with nature. Searching for a dwelling that would give shelter and some comfort on the one hand and would adapt respectfully to the given natural environment on the other, we had been attracted the most by the round, womb-like form of a yurt or (in Mongolian) a "ger".

Although we followed the traditional example, our yurts are also constructed in relation to our unique location along with its particular climatic conditions. The frame was built using bamboo, coming from the bamboo forest of Anduze, not so far away. Wooden windows and doors, together with the crown at each roof's center point, provide much light to enter. The insulation is a mixture of natural materials that include wool and hemp, and the entrances, instead of facing the south, were positioned towards the inspiring morning sunlight of the east.

The result are two dwelling places in which you will be able to experience a special ambience of peace and natural beauty; a silence usually only interrupted by the wind, a bird, or the voice of the creek -



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Big Yurt


On a meadow, at the confluence of two mountain creeks, our big yurt (8m diameter) sits upon a round platform built of stone. Surrounding the yurt are enchanted places near the creek in both sun and shadow and on the yurt's north side stand old trees that help to provide protection from winter's harsher elements.

Through the small covered porch one enters a spacious structure formed by bamboo poles and a chestnut parquet floor. Two double beds and an extendible couch, offer comfortable sleeping for six people. Cozy areas to read or just rest, also near the wood stove, provide along with the round form and the natural materials, an ambience of protection and well-being.

Just a few steps away, within a small structure of earth bricks, you will find the toilet and shower. Nearby, in a wooden building, a fully equipped heatable kitchen with cooking stove, refrigerator, etc., allows you to prepare your own meals. During the warmer periods, it can be opened up via sliding doors, transforming it into a summer-forest kitchen, where the song of the nightingale accompanies you in the chopping of vegetables.

The peace and the quietness of our place, together with the power of the nature, will help you to relax and renew. In summer the nearby mountain creek offers children and adults a refreshing coolness.



small Yurt


The best description for our little yurt (5.25m Diameter) is the image of a bird's nest. It is situated at the border of our property, high on a hill which rises up behind the kitchen. At the same height of some treetops and hidden in between broom brushes, the little yurt is placed on a round wooden platform from where one can take in a magnificent view of the valley. Underneath you will find another deck that offers an ideal shaded spot during summer.

While the big yurt with its high ceiling has an ambience of a light flooded sacred space, the little yurt will give you more a feeling of being in a protective nest. The floor is well insulated by thick cork panels and covered entirely by a sea grass carpet. Beside a cozy sitting area you will find a comfortable low bed for two people which can, as needed, be transformed to sleep four people.

Being situated a little further from the big yurt, shower/toilet and kitchen, it gives one the opportunity to dwell in a place of greater seclusion. Those who are searching for silence and respect the strong presence of nature may be surprised here by a rustling deer or the striking call of the Great Horned Owl.



The Area


Our property belongs to the Hameau de Riols, which is a quarter of Graissessac. This village is situated in the Haute Vallée de l'Orb, in the middle of the Parc Naturel du Haut-Languedoc, in the Département de l'Hérault.

The region is characterized by its location between the sea and the mountains, with climatic influences from both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic. An amazing diversity of wild landscapes and a wide range of flora and fauna make this region unique.

LA VOIX DU RUISSEAU is situated at a place where the nature alone rules, far away from the usual disturbances in more populated areas. The narrow village street ends before the property where one can find a small footpath leading further through the valley. Cascading creeks, ferns and stone terraces reveal themselves within a majestic forest of oak, chestnut and other trees. On the hiking trails directly from our house, you can access a Romanesque chapel, St. Sauveur and les sechoirs, old stone structures that where used to dry chestnuts, an important source of food in former times. With a bicycle, you can ascend the Col du Layrac via a small, not so frequented mountain pass road where magnificent panoramic views all the way to the sea await.

Within a circumference of 40km you will find many natural and cultural sites, such as the medieval village of St. Gervais-sur-Mare, a station on the pilgrimage path to Santiago de Compostela; the imposing Massif de Caroux (1091m) and de L'Espinouse (1124m); the village of Faugères with its highly acclaimed wines; the Lac-du-Salagou; the thermal baths and health resorts of Avène and Lamalou-les-Bains and much more.

The next small town is Bédarieux (20min), with two organic foodstores, cafes, a wine bar, etc.. In Graissessac, you have access to a grocery, post office, bureau tabac and pharmacy. The bigger cities are fortunately further away, but not unreachable: Béziers in a distance of 60km, Montpellier 100km. And to go to the Mediterranean Sea it takes around an hour by car.


Tariffs & services



For each yurt the following pricing applies:

For 1 person per night .................. 65€
For 2 persons per night ................ 80€


For each extra person:

For children 5-12 years per night ............................. 10€
For children 13 years on and adults per night ......... 15€


For stays of one night only:

For 1 person ....................................... 75€
For 2 persons ..................................... 90€


For longer stays:

For 2 persons one week ............ 500€
For 2 persons two weeks .......... 920€


For smaller groups we offer an agreed upon discount.

A deposit of 30% is required for each reservation.

A visitors' tax of 0,40€ per adult and per night is added to the tariffs.






Sheets and towels are provided.

Organic vegetarian breakfast is available upon reservation:

Simple breakfast ......................................... 9€

Breakfast accompanied by cheeses .......... 12€




For those who are interested, we offer our Service bon'heur:

During one hour ( = une bonne heure, which is related to the French word
bonheur = luck ) we are there for you and your well-being.

We offer you a variety of methods which have the quality to reconnect
you with a deeper sense of life.

You can choose between:

-  a time to become more aware of your body, your respiration,
and your ability to rest in the present moment in order to experience
a profound release and relaxation.

-  a time to follow the harmonious movements of Qi Gong, guided by
the energies of the Earth and sky. We will give an introduction in this ancient

Chinese practice.

-  and a time of preparing and tasting healthy food through learning
how to cook in an organic, vegetarian way.


For 1 person one hour........ 15€

For 2 persons one hour...... 20€

Plus costs for the food



Other Things To Know

The street to our property is quite narrow, but can be navigated well
by the average sized vehicle. If you like, we will happily guide you.

It's a good idea to bring a flashlight/torch, being that the yurt trails are not
lit in an effort to better view the night sky.

Our efforts to respect the environment, and to follow ecological principles
has been recognized since 2011 by the international environmental label,
La Clef Verte, The Green Key.
At the same time we received the label of Clévacances-Insolite for the
commitment to high quality at our alternative establishment.

Pets are welcome here!

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Monika Sonntag & James Doshin Benton

16, Rue de Riols
34260 Graissessac


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