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In the calm of the mountains, in the middle of a pristine nature and within an environment of respect for the land and its inhabitants, we offer accommodation for holidays or retreats in our two yurts throughout all seasons.




About us

Upon his return from being the first western visitor to the Mongolian Empire, Marco Polo (1254-1324) wrote: "They (the mongols) have circular houses made of wood and covered with felt, which they carry around with them on four-wheeled wagons wherever they go. For the framework of rods is so neatly and skillfully constructed that it is light to carry. And every time they unfold their house and set it up, the door is always facing south."

What was it that led us, not being nomads in the steppes of Central Asia, but settled in the southern part of France, to the decision to construct two yurts? It was first of all the land of our property (5800sqm), with its beauty and restoring energies which seemed ideal to us as a place for people who may be longing to live in a more conscious way with the Earth, in close contact and in greater harmony with nature. Searching for a dwelling that would give shelter and some comfort on the one hand and would adapt respectfully to the given natural environment on the other, we had been attracted the most by the round, womb-like form of a yurt or (in Mongolian) a "ger".

Although we followed the traditional example, our yurts are also constructed in relation to our unique location along with its particular climatic conditions. The frame was built using bamboo, coming from the bamboo forest of Anduze, not so far away. Wooden windows and doors, together with the crown at each roof's center point, provide much light to enter. The insulation is a mixture of natural materials that include wool and hemp, and the entrances, instead of facing the south, were positioned towards the inspiring morning sunlight of the east.

The result are two dwelling places in which you will be able to experience a special ambience of peace and natural beauty; a silence usually only interrupted by the wind, a bird, or the voice of the creek -



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